The Original Bus Area Returns

New Bus Area


Sage Lauck, Reporter

The bussing location has returned back to its original location. If you came to the high school during the covid time period, you would know the back of the school used to be the bus pickup location, but it’s actually not. Before that the bussing location used to be where it is now, by the new auxiliary gym. It had been moved a couple years ago to make it easier to build the new gym. Now that the new gym fits in perfectly along with the bus area and, “has alleviated several issues”.

According to Mr. Curvy, there were also issues including the weather due to the new gym being built alongside the bus pickup. When the weather gets bad enough students and staff can just wait in the new auxiliary gym to hide from the weather; specifically rain or snow, until student’s buses pick them up. 

The new bus pick up stop also makes it easier for the staff to supervise students waiting and it helps the crowds of students to be more contained, given that it’s in a confined space. The staff can just put on the number board the number of the buses that are there ready to drive students home. Mr. Curvy stated that, “the new PA system has allowed for smoother dissemination of information, in combination with the number board, to those waiting for buses”. So while the building of the new auxiliary gym was taking place, the location of the bus pick up changed. Now, it’s back to its original spot, alongside a new gym to make it even better.