2018-2019 Staff

Hunter Bailey

DB Staff

I wouldn’t say I’ve really accomplished much in high school, but I think over the course of high school; I’ve crawled out of my own trap. Freshmen year I might have...brought my Cumulative GPA down to a 2.2, and it might...

Caden Akal

DB Staff

At Alton High, I am apart of the swim team, the baseball team, and the Riverbend Growth Association Young Adults Committee. In swimming, I made it to state my Junior year and (hopefully) Senior year. In baseball, I made varsi...

Alex Bierman

DB Staff

My name is Alex Bierman I’m 17 and  play for the Boys Alton Tennis Team. Accomplishments at the high school are passing all my school years, playing sports every year and not hating high school in general. After high school...