Fake Serial Killer Claims Scare Social Media Users

Fake Serial Killer Claims Scare Social Media Users

Cole Tarrant

Throughout August, posts have been spreading across social media about a serial killer on the loose. Cops have investigated the issue and found out it was fake. However, law enforcement has not found the source of the post because of its wide circulation.

The scam has spread nationwide and is scaring many people. Police are trying to inform citizens that these are fake and not to worry.

Police say the image of the falsely accused serial killer is a mugshot of a prison inmate. The inmate was put in custody after he walked away from his prison work crew. He has been in custody since July 7, 2022, and isn’t on the loose.

The news isn’t only affecting adults, but is affecting students as well. Conner Lane, a student from Edwardsville High School said, “I feel that rumors that aren’t true shouldn’t be spread. It could ruin someone’s life.”

The serial killer scam has been spotted in Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Oklahoma, California, New Jersey, Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, New Jersey, and Colorado. People have been trying to spread the truth about the hoax and have been trying to stop the spread.

People who know the truth have been posting about how absurd the post is and how the photo depicts the face of a real person who is likely being humiliated. They also post about how wide-ranged the post is across the nation and how the guy is at more than one place at once.

One person informed people that if you cannot comment on a post, it’s not real. If the person is from overseas, it’s not real. If the profile was made three days ago and they have no friends, then the post is not real.

Law enforcement informs citizens to stay safe and not to trust everything on the internet. Police tell people to call 911 if they feel unsafe.