TV Talent Shows Blur Reality

Cole Tarrant, Broadcast Editor

Reality TV talent shows are not an accurate representation of talent. Shows like American Idol and America’s Got Talent destroy people’s dreams.
Just because your audition does not go well, doesn’t mean you don’t have talent or a future. This is what these judges get wrong. They don’t know how their ruthless criticism is affecting contestants’ future lives.
On “60 minutes” Dave Grohl, the lead singer of the Foo Fighters and former drummer of Nirvana, said, “Imagine Bob Dylan standing there and singing “Blowing in the Wind” in front of those judges. Sorry, it’s a little nasally and a little flat, next.”
Dave Grohl said that he would never have made it on American Idol. “People need to appreciate their voice. I don’t want to sing like someone else. I’m just thinking me.”
In a Loudwire video on youtube, Former X Factor winner, Steve Brookstein says that “they give you a platform to go and be an artist, but only if you’re the artist they want you to be.” He said, “Let’s not build it up to anything it isn’t. You know, it’s just a talent show.” Some go and achieve great things. However, many contestants hit the top and fall quickly back to the bottom. Many winning contestants lose their recording contracts within a year. For some artists, sinking back to the bottom can be worse than never having that glimpse of fame at all.
Another huge flaw against these shows is that they focus most on entertainment, not talent. Saying that reality TV revolves around equality is a lie. Acts that are less talented than other rejected acts can be put through to the next level.
This is an example of how talent shows revolve around enhancing the viewer’s experience and not showing off the best.
Many people join these shows thinking only about the money and fame that can come from it. This can later be a big disadvantage on their chances of winning.
Many factors go into being successful in the entertainment industry. You have to have connections with people, practice, and figure out who you are inside.
There are a lot of flaws with reality TV shows. However, they have their place. Their job is to entertain viewers, not represent their contestants. People need to know the truth about what they’re watching.