Sierra Club Continues to Improve the Environment


Photo by: Andrew Dobson

Sierra Club in action

Chase Chilton, Reporter

With Earth Day approaching, now is as good a time as any to get involved in changing the environment. A great way to do this is to participate in events put on by the Illinois chapter of the Sierra Club.

The Sierra Club is an environmental, non-profit organization that works to change air and water quality, land use and forest issues. Christine Favilla is the co-coordinator of the Three Rivers Project here in Alton and there are many things that she, along with anyone willing to help, is doing to better the world. 

Favilla mentioned the many easy, but important, things that teenagers can do to make a change, including some small changes in day-to-day life. Turning off running water and lights when done using them, choosing gas-efficient routes while driving, planting a garden, never littering, recycling, and cutting down on the usage of plastics, paper and aluminum are quick and easy ways to get started. Another great way to help out is volunteering and Favilla suggested an upcoming trash clean up around Alton, put on by Pride, Inc on April 22.

The Sierra Club helps Old Bakery Beer Company organize the upcoming River Bend Earth Day Festival, and they are giving 10% of the ticket sales to local pollinator projects. The organization has a big year ahead to continue to preserve the area’s natural beauty. “We have several conservation activities lined up, like clean-ups, storm drain stenciling, planting more trees and native flowers, and removing invasive species,” Favilla said. 

The organization will also be putting on the 14th annual Mississippi Earthstones Festival on Sept. 16. This event has been their most successful to date, bringing in thousands of people and featuring live music, educational activities, eco-friendly artists and local food and drinks.

Whether they’re cleaning up trash or putting on festivals they continue to work to clean the Earth. There is no better time than now to help preserve the area’s nature. Follow the Piasa Palisades Sierra Club on Facebook to stay up to date on events.