Answers to What Animal Are You?

Bowie Chappee, Reporter

You can find the questions on page 13 in the April issue of The Redbird Word.

Based on the majority of your answers.

If most of them are answer A then you are a Deer- Deers can sometimes be very solitary, but they tend to stick with at least two or three others. You love hanging out with friends and family, but you always make time to recharge your social battery after a long outing. Maybe you’re not always sure what’s going on, but that’s okay because you have friends to help you.

If most of them are answer B then you are a Piasa- The legendary Piasa bird was known for secluding itself in dark caves and only coming out during the night. You value personal space and time. While some might see you as cold, it’s not exactly true, you’re just more on the quiet side. To those who get to know you, you’re a true ride-or-die for those you care about.

If most of them are answer C then you are a Cardinal- Cardinals are known to stand out, especially with their vibrant red feathers. You’re not afraid to be who you are, and you value connections with those around you. You always seem to be on the move, but that’s just because there’s so much to do! Just like the cardinal, you catch everyone’s eye and fly with confidence.