Alton Showcases Music Talent at Spring Choir Concert


Bowie Chappee

Choral Director Leah Galbraith leads the Chamber choir as they perform “The Moon is Distant From the Sea”.

Bowie Chappee, Reporter

On Tuesday, Mar. 14 Alton High School hosted the annual Spring Choir Concert featuring a wide variety of musical talent that left the audience in a joyful mood. 

The concert began with “J’entends Le Moulin” from Treble Choir with Micheal Frazier on piano. Frazier stayed playing throughout the whole concert and never once missed a beat, bringing even more life to the songs. Freshman Treble Choir member Kenlea Jamison stepped onto the stage after the choir’s second song and gracefully performed her solo “Christopher Robin is Saying His Prayers.” 

Following the solo, Bass Choir took the stage by opening with “Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight” which featured soloists sophomore Jaylen Scruggs and junior Jeffery Richards. Flautist Melanie Parker joined the Bass Choir onstage to perform “Cantate Canon,” adding a serene feel to the song. Soloist Max Barham then stepped onto the stage and performed “Poor Boy” with confidence. 

Bel Canto was next to perform and blew the audience away with the songs “Yo Le Canto Todo El Dia” and “Send Me A Song.” “Send Me A Song” seemed to be a favorite amongst choir singers and also featured solos from sophomore Madeline Cohill and junior Tiffany Koenig. Sophomores Kenzie Ingram and Sophie Doering performed their solos “Lullaby for Thessaly” and “Pur Dicesti, O Bocca Bella.”

The last choir to perform was Chamber singers who opened with “The Moon is Distant From the Sea” and “Tres Cantos Nativos,” the latter featuring tropical bird sounds and drums to transport the audience into a surreal jungle environment. “The Cherry Tree” was performed as a solo by senior Allison Cooke, and fellow senior Corrine Jones blew the audience away with her rendition of “Times Are Hard for Dreamers.”

For a grand finale, all the choirs joined Choral Director Leah Galbraith onstage to perform “Hallelujah” and featured solos from sophomore Marvin Short and junior Rachel Ware. The ground went wild at the finale and praised the choir with applause and yells of admiration. 

Sophomore and audience member Maria Neganov sat in the front row during the performance and had nothing but kind words to say about the concert. “This is my first choir concert, and I really enjoyed it. Everyone did so well,” she said. 

Galbraith has high hopes for next year’s choir department and plans to work even harder to connect with students. “We plan to just sing our hearts out,” she said.