Winter Play Features a Doubleheader


Cast members Sophie Doering and Marvin Short perform in the Winter play that ran from Thursday, Feb. 23 through Saturday, Feb. 25. Photo by Ava Boley

Ava Boley, Reporter

Theater Troupe 126 went a different direction when they decided to do two one act shows for their spring play. The group performed from Feb. 23 to Feb. 25 from 7-9 p.m. in the Alton High auditorium this past weekend.

“The Sequence” was performed during the first act, which starred sophomore Sophie Doering as Kim. This show is about a young girl living in a perfect society, but they only achieve that through exiling anyone who is seen as imperfect. 

During the second act, “The Candidate,” came to life on the stage. This show consisted of just five cast members including senior Kyle Neace, sophomore Jayden Snow, junior Mackenzie Jones, and senior Maddie Ingram. In this production, four people wake up in a plain white room wearing different colored shirts. None of them remember who they are or how they got there. 

The director, Kristi Doering, was the one who made the decision to show two one act shows. “At first I read ‘The Candidate’ and was pretty much in love,” Mrs. Doering said. The only problem she came across was that this production was only a half hour long which sparked the idea of having two different plays. 

Mrs. Doering also noted that she typically does not choose productions from the genre of sci-fi which sets this performance apart from those of the past. Sophomore Connor Brown was the student director and the sound/lighting operator for the production.

Theatrical performances are complex. It requires a large cast and crew to bring the show to life, as well as many hours of practice and rehearsals. Sophomore Jayden Snow said the hardest challenge he had to face was simply memorizing his lines. Similarly, sophomore Marvin Short said that he was able to prepare with little difficulty. 

It is unknown whether the theater department will repeat this in the future, but an idea like this could open up even more possibilities for the students involved in the theater program.