Jada Bruce Excels in Multiple Sports

Jada Bruce Spotlight


Caitlyn Neely, Reporter

On Nov. 27, Jada Bruce, who is a junior on the varsity cheerleading team, showed off her amazing skills and team player qualities on the mat. She performed her three-minute cheerleading routine and helped her team through every step.

Bruce is a main base in her stunt group. It is her job to keep her flyer in the air and to hit all of her stunts perfectly. These skills don’t come easily, many years of training go into them. In fact, Bruce has been cheering since 6th grade. 

There are many reasons to love a sport. For Bruce, it’s the energy of the crowd. “I love the feeling of my hands smacking the hardwood floor and feeling the crowd getting hype while tumbling and hearing the floor rumble while we cheer,” she said. “Competition days are very fun when you step out on the mat and hear the crowd cheer. It’s the best thing ever.” 

As many know, many memories come out of the sports that one plays in their life. “The best memory of cheer was making varsity freshman year,” Bruce said. “Because coming in, everyone said there could only be one freshman on varsity. But me and my best friend had the opportunity to both be on varsity and we have progressed so much since.”

Along with doing football season cheerleading and competitive cheerleading, Bruce herself also plays soccer and does track. Many athletes find it hard to make time for other activities and sports other than one, but she is very determined and makes time for all of the sports that she loves.

Bruce has high hopes for the rest of her high school career and beyond. “I plan to finish cheering at Alton High after my senior year of basketball and competition season,” she said. “I will continue cheering in college if I’m able to get a scholarship or I will pursue soccer.”