The Redbird Store Reopens for Business


Grace Phelps

Students at the Redbird Store

Jaymese Taylor, Reporter

The Redbird Store “is run by a team of staff and students of the AHS school work, STEP programs, Young Adult, special education and Autism classes,” said Ms. Marconi. There are job and career training programs at AHS. In the program the students get to learn about running a business. “Students learn about ordering supplies, pricing, budgets and planning, as well as customer service,” said Ms. Marconi. This lets the students experience having a job and social skills. “Working in the Redbird Store gets kids ready to be young adults and part of our community and workforce,” said Ms. Marconi.

The Redbird Store is open fourth hour for students during their lunch. Five minutes after the start of lunch the assistant principal dismisses the lunch tables one by one so the line isn’t too crowded. The students wait in line on the right side; the left side is used to exit the store after purchases have been made. The store is then closed five minutes before lunch dismissal.

When purchasing from the school store there are some rules that students have to abide by. The students are only allowed to purchase items from the store during their classified lunch period and only get one trip to the store per day. There are only allowed three people in the store at a time and students are not allowed to bring friends to wait in line with them. There aren’t many rules, but the ones that are in place are to keep the store in order.

The school store is not only for students to have snacks to eat at lunch but also for the students that work there to be educated in business life. The school uses the funds to pay for school activities, keep the store stocked and keep the workers paid. The students seem to like the school’s store. It benefits the students and the school.