Veterans Day Honors all who Have Served

History of Veterans Day


History of Veterans Day

John Ditterline, Reporter

Veterans Day is right around the corner, and many who have served and fought for this nation celebrate this day. On June 1, 1954, Congress passed a bill declaring November 11 as Veterans Day. Before it became Veterans Day, November 11 was known as Armistice Day, a day celebrating the armistice treaty signed between the allied powers and central powers. This treaty ended all military operations and hostilities in all theaters and fronts in World War I, effectively ending the war.  

Veterans Day is a significant day for many lives in the United States. “It’s a celebration of military service and the comradery of all the branches,” Staff Sergeant Plan of the U.S Marine Corps said. Veterans Day is a time for all Veterans to put aside their rivalry between branches and celebrate themselves. “We are all brothers and sisters in arms, and we all took the call to serve,” said Staff Sergeant Plan, “It’s a celebration of everybody who has made that commitment to serve.”

Not everyone celebrates in the same way. Younger Veterans often celebrate Veterans Day with barbeques, liquor, and spending time with each other. When it comes to older Veterans, it may go a little differently.

At Asbury Village, and many other nursing homes, the residents celebrate together.  Veterans of World War II and more recent wars like the Vietnam War, the war in Iraq, the Korean War and other military operations all come together. They gather around in the chapel or other gathering areas, celebrate each other and tell stories from their pasts.

Veterans Day is a significant day for many Americans. “Veterans Day is the day that you take a step back and appreciate all those people who were willing and dedicated to put themselves out there and protect what we call home,” Corporal Joseph Starzyk of the U.S Marine Corps said. Veterans Day is a day to celebrate and be grateful that America has so many people willing to protect and defend what we call home.