Seniors and Juniors Face Off in Powder Puff Game


Madeline Liparoto, Reporter

Every year, Alton High has the Annual Powder Puff game. It’s a flag football game played by the girls in the junior and senior class. Many students take part in this exciting event every year. On Nov. 4, the girls faced off at the Alton Public School Stadium.

The coaches of the players this year for the seniors are Graham McAfoos, Keith Gilchrese and Brandon Hayes. They have all spent the past three weeks preparing for this game. The team has made many plays and is ready to take on the juniors.

This is senior Abbie Liparoto’s second year playing in Powder Puff.  “Last year we put up a good fight and lost, but this year, as seniors I think we can really redeem ourselves,” Liparoto said. “We have a lot of fun, even if we lose. The game is very competitive and a lot of tension between the juniors and seniors.”

The boys from both juniors and seniors can be cheerleaders which are being coached this year by senior Caitlyn Neely. “It is a little difficult coaching the boys I would say,” Neely said. “They tend to get a little distracted, especially when there are footballs around. They eventually start to focus more and a lot gets accomplished by the end of practice since they seem to get the hang of things somewhat fast. They are very excited to be a part of this and show off their skills and halftime routine.

This year, new rules have been implemented for the safety of the Powder Puff players. Since the game is a flag football game, anyone who makes physical contact will be taken out of the game.

Seniors clinched the win this year with a final score of 22-8.