New At Math Teaching- Mr. Pinnix

Meet Mr. Pinnix

New At Math Teaching- Mr. Pinnix

Chase Chilton, Reporter

One of Alton’s new teachers is not only new to teaching here at Alton High, but is new to teaching all together. 

Recently, at Alton High School there have been many new faces who have begun a fresh start at teaching or working at our school. One of these new teachers is math teacher Mr. Pinnix.  This is Mr. Pinnix’s first full year as a teacher, although he did previously teach a semester of Geometry concepts, Algebra 1, and Algebra 2 at Granite City High School. 

He attended Alton growing up, and stated that one of the reasons he wanted to teach is because his favorite teacher was English teacher Mrs. Hart, and he humorously said, “she’s actually the reason I’m not illiterate”. The other reason was that he had wanted to be a teacher since he was in kindergarten, and he chose math because he was always good at it. 

Being good at math in his class shouldn’t be an issue, because his strengths as a teacher consist of the one on one interaction with students, and being able to catch his students’ mistakes and fix them before they become bigger issues. However, making those connections to his students has been hard because a lot is going on and he’s still setting up his classroom. He also shared that the math teachers are using a new curriculum, so he can’t ask the other teachers for advice on the material he’s teaching. 

Outside of school, he’s a self taught pianist, and guitarist, anime fan, as well as a PC gamer, and said the game he plays the most is League of Legends. He stated that he is not married and doesn’t have kids, and doesn’t know if he will anytime soon, considering how busy he is, but would love to one day start a family.