AHS Voices Opinions on Spring Break


Paris Thomas, Reporter

Imagine getting ready for spring break, just to realize that you only have four days. That is a reality for kids attending Alton High School.


Spring break is a period off of school that has been around for nearly a century.  However, many people believe that spring break at AHS is rather lackluster.

There are only four days off of school for spring break ranging from April 15 – April 18. What many people find an issue with is that half of the days off contain the weekend. This means that they only have two school days off for their break.

What also frustrates many teachers and students is the fact that schools around our area have much longer spring breaks compared to theirs. For example, Edwardsville’s high school provides five school days off with weekends included which adds up to nine total days. East St. Louis and Wood River’s high schools also provide the same amount of days for Spring break too. 

Sophomore Caiden Whorl is one of the many students at Alton High who thinks they deserve a longer spring break. ¨I wish it was longer because, in elementary school,  I used to use that time to go out of town and refresh,” Whorl said.  “Now, I got to be in school. I can’t even enjoy it [spring break]”.

English teacher Brooke Bradley also agrees that spring break is too short. “In my opinion, I think spring break should be at least a week,” Bradley said.  “If I had a longer spring break, I could spend more time with family and friends that I usually can’t spend time with”

Teachers and students tend to agree that spring break is a time to rejuvenate and celebrate. However, many cannot, due to the fact that they simply don’t have enough time to do so. 

Sophomore Makenzie Jones decided to start a petition for a spring break extension for next year. Students and staff can vote on petitions.org. The link is https://www.change.org/p/extend-alton-high-school-s-spring-break