COVID-19: A student perspective


Paris Thomas, Reporter

For nearly two years, COVID and its effect on the world have been felt, leading to schools to drastically change to stay safe. Alton High has been one of the many putting a policy of quarantining students to stay safe.

Every Monday, Alton High sets up areas in the auditorium for students to test themselves in order to ensure they are infected with Covid. In order to social distance, groups are called at different times to come in via email.

The test results can come back within one to two days. It is advised not to eat or drink an hour before your time to take the tests to prevent test results from being altered. When tested positive, you will leave and will have to be away from school for two weeks.

To some people, school can be challenging to do at home or virtually. One of the people who think that is sophomore Damion Cobb. Cobb had spent some time out sick earlier in the school year and dealt with the ups and downs of learning outside school grounds.

“It was difficult learning at home,” Cobb said. “I kept getting distracted trying to do my work while being sick”. However, this is one of the many problems that students have with virtual learning.

Many people’s only contact with friends is in school so it could be hard being out for that reason also. “It was boring at some points since I couldn’t hang out with friends,” Cobb said. “I just played games to try to entertain myself.”

 As Covid cases are rising throughout the world, students from all over would be reverting back home during this time whether it is due to positive cases or if it is due to school going virtual permanently or temporarily. It is important to gain insight into how students feel about virtual since it can very well be our future. For people out there, stay safe and do whatever you can to ensure the safety of yourself and others.