• November 28The girls bowling team fell to Edwardsville, the lady redbirds were led by Alex Bergin and Ashley Westbrook who bowled a 604 and 601 series respectively

  • November 28The hockey team defeated East Alton Wood River 6-3. The boys bowling team defeated Edwardsville 39-1, the redbirds were led by 604 and 587 series from Jared Cochran and Chris Duke respectively

  • November 27This is just a friendly reminder that baby ads or public display of affection ads are due on or before December 7th, 2018. Please email Bridget Heck, yearbook advisor, at [email protected] if you have any concerns. Pick up baby ad form in room A119 or on the daily bird website

Alex Bierman
My name is Alex Bierman I’m 17 and  play for the Boys Alton Tennis Team. Accomplishments at the high school are passing all my school years, playing sports every year and not hating high school in general. After high school I will be going to college, I’m not quite sure what I’ll be going into yet. All I really know is I want a hands on job, I don’t like standing around or sitting all day I get bored quickly

Alex Bierman, DB Staff

Sep 24, 2018
AHS School Parking Lot (Story)