As a writer I bring some of the best quality content around. I am second to none in my particular skill set. . A thing about good writing is 

having a sense of encouragement for what you do. I for one ask the questions without hesitation or fear of letdown. Another step  to becoming a good writer (such as myself) is to never get scared of the aftermath of releasing an article. If someone doesn't like your article, forget them (in nice terms). You know an article is good when you put time into an interview and pour more time in revision for said article. A third step in becoming a good writer is taking in multiple interests. For one to write an article topics must be spun to be the most interesting even if said subject is the most boring thing ever written .

If one who is currently reading this article is wondering where the info about me at? Well here it is. The names Ahmad Chapman. I can be a  pretty swell person some say. Personally, i love entertainment based activities such as films.I have. Some of you probably recognize me throughout the hallways or for my other work on things such as tattler and many other projects in the school. Im overall a very interesting person.

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Ahmad Chapman, Reporter