Creativity Abounds in Wolff’s Endeavors

Student brings storylines to life


Eowyn Wolff poses for a promotional photo.

Paxton Metz, Reporter

Note: Wolff’s pronouns are Aie/Aru and are used appropriately throughout the story.

Junior Eowyn Wolff is a blooming artist with loads of ambition. Aie plans on doing much more than strengthening aru skills though. Wolff has a project started with a small but active fanbase wrapped around it.

Aru project started from just a book, still being developed from about four years ago. It sparked into a more solid idea over time, as Wolff explains, “The book used to be entirely different, but was rewritten after the first few chapters. It now has evolved quite a considerable amount since it first began and continues to be developed.” 

This book is the spark of a YouTube-centered anime that gathered the interest of a crowd. The project requires more than just artistic talent, and also a lot of determination – and money. Aie now has a team, several animators and voice actors for the show. It does pay to be on the team, and if all goes well, it’ll also pay off the costs Wolff took on to provide for this team. 

“I made it because I was bored and wanted to make content on YouTube, though it has progressively become more gay and full of memes,” Wolff said. Aie has worked hard to achieve what has already been done and words harder to keep going. Wolff said the project has taken a lot of effort and sleepless nights, as well as Christmas money for funding.

The show has some interesting topics to play through as well. “Four teenagers are given magic powers and learn about an ancient civilization of strange creatures called ‘wolvarians’, whilst preparing to save the world from the same force that wiped out the wolvarian civilization 2.4 billion years ago,” explained Wolff, about the project’s premise. There are several fun cliches crowds love, as well as many unique twists. The story itself is very intricate and many small details mean a lot.

The Hero of Wolves will be published to Amazon with print on demand, and the show following the book’s script will be published to the YouTube channel The Weird Place, where several videos already give information about the project.