Psych Class Shines Light on Human Behavior


Photos courtesy of Sarah Thomas.

Delaney Curran, Reporter

There are many required classes at Alton High that students have to take in order to graduate, but when it comes to those elective classes that students get to choose, it can be difficult to decide what to take. 

Having previous students recommend electives to their friends and siblings is a good way to let others know about a class.

“A lot of time students take my class because of student recommendation which is such a high compliment for me, and I appreciate that,” said psychology teacher Sarah Thomas.

There are other ways to get classes like these more well-known though.

“Just having me pop into some classes and discuss the class and why they should take it helps,” Thomas said. “I think it is important to make a connection with students to encourage them to take the class.”

Many students believe required classes are a waste of time and they won’t benefit from taking them. However, electives such as psychology could be a step towards being successful after high school.

“Everyone could benefit from psychology, and I am not just saying that because I teach it,” Thomas said. “I tell kids you will be a better friend, coworker, parent, student, pet owner, lover, and overall just a better person because of psychology. It really does help you understand what it means to be human,” she added.

Due to the demand for taking psychology, the course is offered at multiple times during the school day. “My classes are overall pretty popular. We usually offer several sections per semester with around 30 students per section,” Thomas said.

Students looking to take psychology should know that the course is only offered to seniors and that it is only a one-semester course.

Students interested in gaining deeper knowledge about why humans do what they do should consider the course. “This is a class that will help you learn more about yourself and other people in the process,” Thomas said.