Postponement of Sports Took Toll on Athletes


Germayia Wallace

Members of the girls basketball team practice in Alton High’s gym. Their season resumed on Jan. 28, 2021. Kahliyah Goree is at the free throw shooting a 2-pointer for the drill, while her other teammates are waiting to get their turn. Savannah MCrruray said, ¨With it being my senior, year I was planning on hitting the 1,000 points mark. Me and My teammates were all going to work together to make sure it was going to happen. I also wanted to finish this year off strong with more winning games then we’ve ever had.”

Germayia Wallace, Reporter

Covid-19 restrictions made it harder for many seniors to complete their last year of high school sports.  Many athletes had goals they wanted to achieve, but can’t.

¨With the start of winter sports once again being pushed back due to the pandemic, I feel no motivation anymore,” Savannah McMurray said. “I’m actually upset because I was working to get my 1,000 points. I was really working hard for them, and now I’m afraid that I might not be able to accomplish that.¨ McMurray had goals she wanted to accomplish, but started losing hope once the season kept being pushed back.

When there weren’t any winter sports, athletes had to start trying to focus on other activities.  ¨I’ve been watching my film to see what I can improve on or change about myself,” senior Jimmila Patterson said. “I’ve also been doing small workouts in my room to keep me in shape. I hang out with some of my teammates and we talk about hopefully having a team of thinking of ways we can stay safe and play together. I have even got a job, so I can pay for any of my expenses.¨ 

Senior Allyson Palmer wanted to try something different this year. ¨If I had the chance to play this year, I would change my way of seeing the games,” Palmer said. “I would work on my shot, playing better defense, and keeping my head up the whole game. Making sure I take the leadership role in keeping my teammates in check, and making sure we are all on one page when playing.¨ Palmer hangs on to hope that she can still put these practices into play as the season gets rolling.

Practices started up two weeks ago and the girls basketball team played their first game against the Collinsville Kahoks on Saturday, Feb. 6.  To get more information and updates about winter sports visit .