Covid Can’t Stop Love


Delaney Curran, Reporter

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year with billions of dollars spent on gifts for friends and loved ones. Whether those gifts be jewelry, clothes, candy or a meaningful experience. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, consumers are expected to spend 24.7 billion dollars overall this year on gifts for Valentine’s Day. According to NRF (National Retail Federation) this spending is up %4 from last year.

When it comes to buying a gift for someone, it can sometimes be hard to know what to get them. 

“Me and my grandma usually get chocolates for each other and a bear,” junior Amari Halliburton said. “I don’t believe there is a perfect gift when someone’s picking for you. It’s what they think is the perfect gift for you.”

Junior Drew Davis shares the same opinion when it comes to getting the perfect gift.

“I usually don’t expect nor get anything for Valentine’s Day. “You find the perfect gift by knowing the person and getting them something they’ll genuinely be happy to have,” Davis added. 

While gift giving will largely stay the same, Valentine’s Day plans will look a little different this year.

“Covid has made my plans a lot more strict and less spontaneous and social than I would like,” Davis added.

Some people prefer to have a special dinner at home when celebrating this holiday. 

“I expect and usually get homemade cards and we have a family dinner together,” math teacherNatalie Rhea said. “For me the perfect gift is something that comes from the heart, so the homemade gifts are the best.” 

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