Friends Provide Support During Tough Times


Paxton Metz

Discord Call

Paxton Metz, Reporter

Being away from friends takes a heavy toll on students during the pandemic. Hybrid learning schedules help, but aren’t perfect. Getting together with friends can still be a challenge. 

Many students rely on friends in one way or another, whether it be for happiness or help in school work. Friends can bring special interest to classes, and offer motivation for going to school and working. The quarantine made it harder to get with friends, and even some introverted people struggled with the change.

The anxiety the pandemic has sparked for some has stuck. Students interviewed reported having no genuine ways to recharge without a social support group. 

“Being without friends makes you feel as though you have to take on everything by yourself,” discord user Nicht said.  While it is possible to handle problems alone, being alone in itself is a problem and can cause distress over time.

Establishing connections is an important part of both life and school.

“Personally, friends are a big part of school for me,” Gavan Wheeler says, “They are the people you meet who are going through the exact same thing as you. Half the time, school seems like a hassle or a downer and having friends with you who are experiencing the exact same thing helps quite a bit.”

Friends help each other recover and stay afloat.