Record Store Opens in the Riverbend


Customers browse the selection of records, and wait to make their purchases, at the store’s grand opening on Oct. 24, 2020.

Jackson Cannon, Reporter

Last year was a rough year for businesses everywhere, due to having to close their doors because of Covid-19. And because of that, many businesses had to close permanently. But the Riverbend has a new place for people to enjoy. A friendly place where everyone is only there for one reason – music.

Riverbend Records was opened last year on Oct. 24 by Billy and Tara Hurst. The store is a place where people can come to browse and buy records and cassettes for their own personal collection. The Hursts said they want it to be a place where people can come grab a drink and have a good time. 

“The cool thing about Riverbend Records is that they have a good sorting system that tells you how well the record is kept,” said senior Kendall Peuterbaugh. The store has a letter at the top that the customer compares to a key on the shelf. It’s a very effective way to browse through the records.

After losing his primary job, Billy Hurst decided to sell his huge collection of music paraphernalia and fulfill his dream of opening a record store. The Hursts found a place just off of Homer Adams Parkway next to Mister Donut and set up shop. From there, they continued building their business.

Their most recent add on is a video gaming room. The Hurst family hopes to continue to build new ideas into their record store.

With many different genres of music, they bring in a lot of variety for people to flip through. They get most of their stock from other collectors who are willing to sell their old cassettes and records.

Riverbend Records is the place for people with a love of music who enjoy the culture of sifting through records. Their inventory has a variety of all genres and many well-known artists and bands from numerous time periods. 

The store is located at 2720 Grovelin St., in Godfrey.