Female Rappers Rising

Jay'Ion Harrison, Reporter

Hip hop is the soundtrack that has played in the background of the lives of kids and adults in urban neighborhoods for almost 50 years. Hip hop is the medium that allows suburbia to escape normality by living derived through the culture’s rebellious nature. Even if people do not understand the lifestyle, many will taste and feel it just by listening to music.

Males mainly dominate hip hop, but women do play a significant role in the music industry but are often overlooked by the big music companies and audience. Despite the women being ignored in the industry, they still inspire male artists in the business. “Roxanne inspired me to start making music because her lyrics have actual meanings behind it rather than just talking about explicit stuff,” said junior, Spencer Chanerl.

Females in the music industry also have a positive effect on people who aren’t a part of the music industry. “Cardi B is one of my favorite female rappers probably because she’s taking over after all the negative energy she got from her past. Even with all that, I like how Cardi B holds herself, and her music can automatically bring life to the party,” said senior, Jeffrey Mccrady.

Female rapper Da Brat was the first female ever to go platinum. In contrast, another female rapper Missy Elliot has always proved herself to be worthy enough to be in the conversation with the great male artist by being the first female to have six of her albums reach platinum status. “Some people sleep on rappers that came before Nicki Minaj and Megan the Stallion like Da Brat and Missy Elliot have always had the goat status by their name,” said junior, Aaliyah Marquis.

Statistically, a lot of women have been rejected in the genre of Hip Hop, and it’s had real consequences. Yet these women have chosen to continue their work, and now their names are known all over the world.