The Music Program and Their Choir Performance

Jay'Ion Harrison, Reporter

Schools tend to focus on the “important groups” such as sports and theatre, but there are more groups at Alton High School, including the music program. The music program is split up into four different groups treble, bass, bel canto, and chamber. 

Treble is a group that consists of only freshman girls—followed by the bass, which is an all-boys group. Next, its bel canto, which is an all-girl group, a step up from treble, and it requires auditions to get in. Finally, there are chambers; this is a mixed group of boys and girls that require auditions. Chambers is the most well-known choir due to the students go out and perform at concerts and events. 

On March 12 in the Alton High School auditorium, the choir will have their spring choir concert. Their performance will begin at 7:30. Music director, Alexis Leggs said, “Lots of rehearsals, months of rehearsals, each concert we probably have two months of rehearsals in class rehearsing. Then I add one or two rehearsals after school to help students prepare.” Leggs believes everyone has been working incredibly hard to prepare for this concert. 

Leggs is the new director for the choir, and this is Leggs’s first time directing her very own choir. “The biggest challenge is keeping kids engaged, keeping kids here, it’s difficult when you come here after somebody that’s well-liked and somebody that’s well-loved and making sure the kids continue to like and enjoy what they are a part of. But also for everybody, we tend to lose students just because of the demands of academics, which are understandable … but it been good. I’ve grown a lot; it’s my first year teaching, so I’ve learned more about myself and my students and my craft. I had a good time overall,” said Leggs. 

Make sure you join Leggs and her choir on March 12 at Alton High School.