College Scouting and the Potential Benefits

Thomas Drake, Assistant Editor

Being scouted by a college can be a great opportunity for student-athletes. A college scout is a sports representative of a certain college that observes the games of local high schools to scout for any noteworthy student-athletes. This can lead to offers of acceptance into colleges and scholarships.


When an official from a college is scouting they’re looking for athleticism, intelligence, and a good attitude. Players with these traits can be found in every sport like the senior baseball player, Riley Phillips. 


Riley Phillips has played baseball all four years of high school and has been scouted by a number of local colleges. Phillips has taken part in national tournaments where he was judged by college scouts across the country. “I played over the summer, and I got really good and that’s how coaches got their attention drawn towards me,” said Phillips.


Phillips showed a positive attitude and an outstanding talent at baseball. He uses his role as a leader on the team to heighten spirits and “make everyone else around me successful,” said Phillips. After being scouted, Riley Phillips was accepted to the University of Louisville where he’ll continue his baseball career. 


Moory Woods is one of three team captains on the varsity basketball team and uses his leadership role to lead the other players to success. Players can’t always notice a college scout so an athlete has to play like a scout is always watching.


 “It’s not really any pressure. It’s just coming to that game and being consistent in your playing. When you worry about it, that’s when you mess up,” said Woods. His exposure through being scouted has got him a number of offers from colleges and he hopes to continue his basketball career. 

The exposure of a student-athlete from college scouting can lead to great opportunities for college. Contacting the Athletic director, Chris Kusnerick can answer questions about college scouting.