Athletics Spring Season Preparations Begin

Leanne Bagent, Editor-In-Chief

With the beginning of spring fast approaching, Redbird athletes are also anticipating the beginning of various spring sports seasons. Some spring sports have already started as of Monday, March 2nd.

 In order to try-out for any spring sports, students must have the following items turned in; IHSA os State of Illinois Physical Form, Alton High School Medical Consent/ Emergency Contact Form, Student Participation Waiver/ Concussion Sign Off Form, IHSA PED Drug Sign Off Sheet and Proof of Insurance. 

All of these forms can be found under the following link: Each of these forms must be turned into the Athletics Office in order to receive and Admit Card. This card allows students to participate in sports and should be given to the coach of the student’s sport of choice by March 2nd. 

If a student does not have an admit card they will not be allowed to attend practices or try out for any spring sports. Admit Cards can be picked up from the Athletics Office from 8:00 am until 4:15 pm daily until March 2nd. 

Keep in mind that there is no school on Monday, March 2nd, so students should pick up an admit card by Friday, February 28. If a student has any questions they can contact the Alton Athletics Department at 474-1800.