Alton High Students Prepare for ILMEA All-State Festival

Andrew Wray, Reporter

On Jan. 30, some of Alton Highs’ best musicians will travel to Peoria to perform with other top musicians from across the state. The kid’s audition and are ranked by the instruments that they play. Then the Illinois Music Educators Association selects students that they think are good enough to play in the all-state festival.

The all-state festival is very prestigious, and only three people were selected from Alton High School. The band chosen students, Ethan Plate, Ben Duke, and Fletcher Leonard, are now preparing to play at the festival, which will take place from Jan. 30 to Feb. 1. They are “practicing like madmen,” said Mrs. Plummer.

The festival will also be happening alongside the Illinois Music Education Conference. The conference will house a handful of events for teachers and students. There will even be college fairs at the meeting, giving the attending students a chance to choose the college they potentially want to go to. There will also be other concerts performed by these selected students and educational conferences.