Alton Bounces Back After a Tough Loss

Jay'ion Harrison, Reporter

On January 10, the boys varsity basketball team faced off against the Belleville West Maroons after winning against Confluence Preparatory High School with a score of 72-67.

After the Rebirds win, the team faced injuries in the game against Belleville West. With senior forward Moory Woods feeling good and entering the game, the Redbirds got an extra boost of energy.

Unfortunately, the Redbirds lost momentum throughout the game. Dealing with injuries and not executing their plan caused a 65-56 loss over Belleville. The leading scorers of the game were Dante Herrin with 13 points and Kylun Rivers with 12 points. “Mentally we weren’t prepared and had an off game,” said junior forward Dante Herrin.

The Redbirds plan to finish out their season strong by winning the rest of their games.“We’re going to do better playing as a unit, playing for our brothers and playing with our brothers having fun doing what we love to do and that’s play basketball,” Woods said.  “You can do so many things, you can draw the plays and make the x and os but at the end of the day it’s all about coming together and competing with your brothers,” said forward Woods.

January 21 the Redbirds kicked off the Chick-Fil-A Classic Tournament in Belleville East by taking a 59-56 win over the Champaign Central Maroons. “The energy before the game was live. We were getting hype in the locker room, and we all came into the game mentally prepared ready to win,” said Herrin. January 24 the Redbirds will continue in the tournament by going against the Collinsville Kahoks. Good luck to the Redbirds for the rest of their season.