Building the Cheer Competition

Jordan Linville, Reporter

Recently Alton High School cheerleaders attended the ICCA Championships in Springfield, Illinois. The ICCA Championships are a state cheer competition. The competition is held in Springfield, near the bank of Springfield Arena. It happened during the second week of January. 

Junior Laney Seabold stated, “The ICCA Championships are where teams from all around come and compete against each other.”  Some of the teams that were going against Alton High School were West Chicago, Edwardsville, Mt. Vernon, Washington Community, and Addison Trail.

“We did pretty well since we got third but some things we could have done to do better is come together more probably gotten better at during practice,” said Seabold. The Alton Middle School had gotten fifth right after the Alton High JV team got third.

Sophomore Hailee Myers stated, “Our JV team was against 13 other squads in the Medium JV Division. Some of the teams were Marist and Carl Sandburg. I didn’t really get to watch Middle school practice because we were late and had to start asap, but I heard that they didn’t do so good. We did okay since but some things that we have to work on are our moves and communication.”

The latest game on the cheerleaders went “extremely well even though the team lost to Edwardsville,” said Junior Amanda Brown.