Lovett’s Soul Food Celebrates Six Years of Success

Jaylah Crawford, Reporter

Alton is rich in cultural history and soul food is a part of our community. According to their website, “Lovett’s is as much about great, home-made soul food as it is about family,”. Lovett’s Soul Food is a family-owned restaurant, which is run by Merry Lovett and sometimes her son Brad Chavours. From 2014 to 2020, the business has changed significantly.  

On the business’ website, Lovett says that having a business like this was a dream of her grandfather’s and now it is finally a dream of hers. It stated that they started off as a small business to help cover the cost for huge family reunions.

 Lovett’s is located in Alton at 2512 College Avenue. Starting from a walk-up window to an actual sit- down area, the small, family-owned business has grown. The restaurant was one of six businesses to receive money to pay for a makeover. 

Lovetts’ grandson, Dominick Chavours, a former student at Alton High, works at the restaurant after school. Some of Chavours’ friends often spend a lot of time at Lovett’s. Antonio Clanton said that he enjoys going to Lovett’s and that his favorite thing on the menu is their hot wings. 

Clanton also said that he always tries to buy some wings when they are sold at school for Food Fundraiser Friday once a month. Lovett’s wings are usually sold and are always quick to sell out. “This year I have A lunch so it’s easier for me to buy some,” said Clanton.

All of the food that is made in the kitchen is homemade and is made from a family recipe. Although Clanton said he enjoys their hot wings, Lovett’s snoots are also a popular item on the menu. According to the website, “People come from all over just to try this southern delicacy.