Students at AHS Prepare for Their Classes in 2020-2021 School Year

Dominique Reinier, Reporter

Preparing for upcoming classes can get each student excited, nervous, or anxious. This time of the school year can mean many things to many different students at Alton High. For many, it signifies their last weeks of high school are over; and for the rest, it indicates just another school year ending. 

This week was the second week returning to school from winter break. Every student is still adjusting to their new classes for the semester and getting back into the swing of having homework. Students will also be visiting their guidance counselors to set up their classes for next year. 

First, the juniors had scheduled time with their counselor to see where they are at with their classes and what they plan to do for the next school year. Each student talks to their counselor and goes over what classes they have already taken to meet the graduation requirements. They also add any classes they still need to take into their schedule. 

In fact, Jordan Jones, a junior at Alton High School, has chosen his classes for the next school year. “Picking classes, in my opinion, feels easy and accessible to all students. It’s can be a bit confusing trying to figure out what classes a student needs, but most questions can be answered in guidance, I’ve learned”, said Jones.

Furthermore, in the next two weeks, the sophomore and freshman class will go through the same routine as the juniors. It can be confusing to many students trying to figure out what classes they still need. Although, students who have completed many of the requirements are able to take more elective classes than those students who still need the required classes.

During this time students feel as if they aren’t able to take classes that they require and classes that they want to take at the same time. By working with their counselors they can take the classes they want and the classes that they can thrive in. “It doesn’t feel too terribly stressful, but I wish there were more opportunities for the younger classmen to have a better knowledge of the pathway they needed to take in order to achieve their desired classes come senior year”, said Jones.