Alton High Band is feeling the holiday spirit

Jaylah Crawford, Reporter

It is about that time for holiday spirit. The Alton High School band will be having a concert on December 11th at Alton High School. The band students have been preparing for this day for about six weeks now.

Allyson Palmer, a student who will be performing, stated that they have started getting their music together at the end of their marching season. Alton Middle School band students will also be performing at the concert as well. Since the Middle School students will be performing, the concert will be almost three hours long.

The concert will be free to attend, and everyone will be welcomed to attend. “Many people will attend because family and friends love watching their child play, especially Christmas music,” stated Palmer. Every year there is a particular song that is played by Alton High band that is traditional.

“We will play the wind symphony classic, Sleigh Ride,” stated Andrea Bickley. Bickley is a student who will also be performing on December 11th. Bickley will also be playing the traditional Sleigh Ride song at the winter concert.

Although the band had a concert last year, both Palmer and Bickley feel as if this concert will be the best one that they will perform. “This one will most definitely be better,” stated Bickley. As long as they all focus and play together, the concert will be perfect, said Palmer.

Many people thought that the choir would be participating at the concert, but unfortunately, they will not. With or without the choir singing, many people will still attend because they are very supportive of the band students, said Bickley. “We are the best; everyone would want to come to watch us,” also stated by Bickley.