St. Baldricks raises funds to fight cancer

Caroline Hussey, reporter

Oct. 31, 2019 was a special day, not just because of Halloween, but because of a special event that took place at Alton High school. St. Baldricks is a non-profit organization that helps to raise funds to find the cure to cancer. To do this, volunteers raise money by asking for donations and in turn they will shave their heads. 


Alton High School has been a participant in this organization for many years now, and this year could be considered a success. 20 “shavees” were able to raise over $7,000 to help fight cancer, and alton high school students got to watch and cheer on their peers in the gymnasium. The students all bought $1 tickets, those funds also going to the organization. 


At the event on Thursday, students who paid for tickets walked into gymnasium and were greeted with energetic music and a stage decorated in green and white balloons, the organizations colors. At various times during the event, student volunteers threw green frisbees, bracelets, and beads into the crowd so that the students could also show their support against cancer. 


Before the shaving commenced, the head of the organization at Alton High made an announcement that got lots of cheers from the crowd. In the last three years, Alton High alone has raised over $100,000. 


Shavees then took to the stage. Each were handed a sign with their name on and was greeted by a stylist from various businesses in Alton, which Belcher informed the crowd had all volunteered in the last 48 hours. 


Many of the shavees seemed nervous. Shavee Natalie Boyles even got a little emotional. 


“It’s just a big deal for a teenage girl to cut off all her hair I guess.” Boyles said. But that didn’t stop her. “I decided to do this for Ms. Birch, she just got diagnosed with breast cancer and I wanted to do it in her honour.” 


Students shaving their head in honor of a friend or family seemed to be common among the shavees. Alton High Student, Even said “I just really think it’s a good cause and my grandpa died from cancer a few years ago so I guess it’s just in memory of him.”