Is Your Phone Love Hurting Your Relationship?

Is Your Phone Love Hurting Your Relationship?

During this past decade the use of cellular devices has boomed, but is this a good thing? Throughout the years, phones have been used to communicate back and forth with other individuals that you are not present in the room with you. This form of communication has slowly evolved into an epidemic that decreases the amount of social interaction between two people.

Young people began communicating over the phone rather than in person, and this is severely affecting relationships. Social media has caused the younger generation to care more about what their lives look like on social media rather than worrying about how their actual relationships are developing. If people continue trying to perfect their social media posts then they will slowly lose their relationships among the likes and shares.

While cell phones certainly keep us connected, it turns out they can be doing the opposite when it comes to your relationship. Most of those who were distracted by their phones felt conflict that led to lower relationship satisfaction. These lower levels of relationship satisfaction and higher levels of depression.

While most of us are guilty of checking our phones at inopportune times, this is a wake-up call. So, the next time you’re spending quality time with your partner, it’s worth it to put the smartphone in the other room. Your relationship may thank you for that one.

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