Strength and Brotherhood

Dylan Lahue, Reporter

Andrew Jones is a four-year varsity letter man football player for Alton High School. He is the starting senior quarterback and a lot of people look up to him because of his work ethic in and out of school. In his high school career, he has thrown over 3,800 yards and is a team leader. During the season, Jones’s team has grown into more than a team. It grew into a brotherhood.

In his early years, Jones was on the Alton Middle School football team. His dream was to start as a freshman on the Alton High School Varsity team. He practiced hard every day and even stayed after practice to improve on the things he needed to perfect, by showing the coaches that he was so interested and committed to the team, the high school coaches noticed him immediately. When Jones noticed that he was being scouted, he became more of a leader on the team. In 8th grade, he was the quarterback and improved the skills that he had acquired.

Jones states “There is nothing I would change about the team and everything is set in a place where it should be.” Jones’s role models are Coach D. Harris and Mike Vick. Jones’s high school career has been very successful. He encourages his teammates by telling them,“They can always be better than the game before and the practice before.” Jones also states that “On offense, I feel in control of my surroundings and feel comfortable on the field” 

Jones is trying to lead the team and make this year the best it can be. Playing a nine game season,  they’re hoping to end in a 6-3 record going into the playoffs. Once getting into the playoffs they are hoping to move on to state.