An Outlet for Artistic Students

Paige Marquis, Reporter

Calliope is a student-run literary journal that includes writing, poetry, visual arts, and so on. The club provides an opportunity for creative students to get together and all inspiration is welcomed. Club meetings are every Friday in room B249 at 3:30.  The sponsors of the club are Mrs. Nemec and Mr. Sautman. There are no requirements to join and every student is welcome.

Calliope is not a new club. It actually formed at Alton High a few years back, but then folded. Ms.Brave was originally involved and then it was passed to Ms. Gray when Ms.Brave retired. Last school year,  Ms. Gray put out a Calliope publication which lit a fire of interest for Ms. Nemec and Mr. Sautman. “Lighting the fire; this year, Mr. Sautman and I stoked that fire and got more student involvement,” said Ms.Nemec. Calliope is student-ran and everything that is put out is accredited to the students involved. Without the students, Calliope would not have made a comeback. 

Each meeting lasts around one hour and the activities vary each week. Certain parts of the meeting are focused on t-shirt designs, fundraising ideas, and the idea of submission boxes to be put all around the school. Another activity of the meeting is students engaging  in activities such as writing, drawing, and sharing their work amongst each other. “Ms. Nemec and I try to come up with activities that allow students to explore their ideas,” said Mr. Sautman. The students determine what topics they’d like to create, as long as it’s school appropriate. “We are more concerned with providing inspiration to create art rather than dictate what topics the art should be about,” said Mr. Sautman. 

If anyone is interested, Mr. Sautman would encourage students to come to a few meetings and get a general vibe of the club. Remember, even if you can’t be there in person there’s a submission box for ideas. There’s also a club website; The student’s work is published on the club’s website to represent the club. Editors approve all work that is published but anyone who joins can become an editor. You can find information Calliope by contacting Mr. Sautman or Mrs. Nemec through via email, the club website, or by going to the meeting in B249 at 3:30 every Friday.