Varsity Hockey is getting prepared for their season

Dominique Reinier, Reporter

What comes to mind when you think about Hockey? Is it Ice Skating? What about the fights? Or is it the hard work that it takes to play?

Hockey is much faster paced than many other sports. It is an exhilarating game played by two teams, who race up and down on a sheet of ice. Each team has six players on the ice: two defense players, left and right wing players, one goalie, and one center player.

Kieran Favazza has been playing hockey since he was in 8th grade. He has many sentimental memories of watching hockey with his dad as a kid. That’s why when he was old enough, he jumped at the opportunity to play in middle school.

Motivation drives many of our hockey players here at Alton High. For Favazza, his motivation comes from the exhilaration of skating and playing on a team at practices and games. The team practices on Mondays and Fridays after school.

Favazza said that “the team hopes to win the Championship and they want to put on a good show for the Redbird Nest and their families.” Obtaining the Championship would mean a lot to the hockey team.

Coach Mike Edwards has designed a no-nonsense policy that helps the team stay concentrated. When the team is focused, the members can stay positive throughout their training. “I think that under the new coaching of Mike Edwards, we will improve our game and become more confident,” said Favazza.

Balancing schoolwork, personal life, and clubs or sports can be hard. Numerous people who are in clubs and/or sports have to make sure they can put the time in for homework. Many students stay up till 11 o’clock just working on homework.

The team continues to work hard at practices to get ready for the season to start. The first game is October 7, and the players hope to see you there.