Student Bands of Alton High

Caroline Hussey, Reporter

Sometimes it seems you can’t get through a stereotypical highschool movie without there being a garage band in it. Here at Alton High, we have more than one of those bands at the school, which are all student-led. These include two bands called Accidentally on Purpose and Ampere.

“We just thought it sounded cool,” says Brent Shultz, a junior at Alton High and a member of Ampere. Along with Shultz on guitar, there is also, bass guitarist and backup vocalist Matthew Jackson, Roy Voumard on drums, and Nathan Lewis as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitar.

“We usually play for fun, but if we’re offered money we won’t complain,” Shultz says, “at this point, we’ve played four gigs and we’re getting ready for our fifth at bushfest this year.” Accidentally on Purpose has a similar view about their music. “It’s for fun but we’ve made our fair share of money from it,” says Ben Duke; one of the five band members that make up Accidentally on Purpose.

Duke on guitar, Sarah Pullen as lead vocals and keyboard, Jacob Pullen on bass, Dean Bush on Drums and backup vocals, and Nick Mansker on guitar make up Accidentally on Purpose.

Both bands take time out of their daily lives to get ready for gigs. “We usually put together a setlist, practice a whole bunch, and get our gear together. We usually bring a few people to help set up and set down, and that usually helps us get in and get out in a small amount of time,” says Shultz.

“We prepare by practicing on our own and working out conflicting parts on our own in rehearsal session and by listening to the music,” Duke said about the topic.

Both bands, for the most part, play some sort of rock music. “We usually play alternative rock, but we’re most open to playing anything.” Says Shultz, “For cover songs, we play a fair bit of Red Hot Chili Peppers.” Accidentally on Purpose tends to play more of a mix of hard rock, prog rock, and classic rock.

“A typical practice consists of us learning our parts and showing up to our rehearsals to play out part,” says Duke, ” We’re expected to know our parts by the time we get to rehearsal and we run our set together. We practice once a week on Sundays for two hours. Usually, more as gigs get closer.”

“We usually practice the songs we’re playing for the next gig for a few hours until they’re down tight or just get together and write some music until we make something that we all like,” says Shultz about Ampere’s practices.

If you are interested in seeing either of these two bands play, Ampere’s next gig will be at Bushfest on Friday, October 11, 2019, at 4:00 pm. Accidentally on Purpose will also be playing at Bushfest on the 11th of October.