Running Up

Thomas Drake, Reporter

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Alton’s girls 13th annual track invitational is happened on April 18, a Thursday. Some of the events were the 400-, 200- and 100-meter dash. Also the 400×4, 400×2, and 400×1 relays.

For the last 13 years the track invitational has been used to get runners ready for the sectionals and then state. The other teams that are gonna be there are Edwardsville, Bellive East and West, Collinsville, and O’Fallon.  

There would be an emphasis on the seniors in this year’s interventional for It will  be seniors night where they are recognized and honored.

They can reflect on their track career. The senior in girls track are as follows: Jenae Epps, Daysha Lacy, Kellie Mance, Bria Thurman, and Laila McNeal. “Two moments I’m proud of, in my freshman year I joined varsity, This year I entered state, and I hit 6 inches over the 38 to go to state.” said Bria Thurman.

For the Seniors it’s been a long road for this last year of track, from when they started in either 9th or 7th grade and how they’ve changed and improved. “In Sophmore year I ran the 400 for the first time.” said Kellie Mans.

Jeanea does the 200-dash and the 400x 1. Kelly does the 400-meter dash and the 400×4 relay. Bria is a thrower and she throws shot put. Lali is a long jumper and Daysha has been out recently because of her broken knee.

A lot the runners are motivated for the meeting Thursday. “To be one of the top runners in varsity.” said Reane Raglin.

Their coach for the past 4 years has been Jeada Moore. Who used to be a runner for the Redbirds. She is a welcomed member of the Alton staff.

The general expectation for the time is that everyone should improve, from the Freshmen to the Seniors and let’s hope that happens Thursday.

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