Alton’s Golden FCCLA Prepares to Compete at Nationals Once Again

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Alton’s Golden FCCLA Prepares to Compete at Nationals Once Again

Natalie Boyles

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FCCLA, or Family, Career, Community, Leaders of America is an organization that has repeatedly achieved many accomplishments in our community and in our school district. FCCLA has continued to do this as they prepare to go to the National Competition in Anaheim, California.

FCCLA returned home after state competition on April 6 with five gold, two silver and two bronze medals; along with seven national delegates. Alyssa Bean, Natalie Boyles, Megan Croxford, Rachel Holmes, Malliyah Jones, Autumn West and Kaho Miahara will start their adventure to winning gold at nationals in July.

“I plan on attending the national convention, and I’m super excited about it. I have been and will be practicing as much as I can to ensure I do the best of my ability!” national delegate and vice president of FCCLA, Alyssa Bean says.  

The national convention will take place June 30 through July 4. The group will be flying there. With great expenses, the trip is estimated to cost almost $9,000. The debate on how it will be raised, or if the school will financially help, is still in question.

“We are seeking donations from local businesses and hosting a quarter auction to reduce the expenses for those attending,” says Regina Birch, FACS teacher and FCCLA adviser.   

Not only are students looking forward to the competition, but also the recognition their FCCLA adviser, Mrs. Birch, will receive during the convention.

“I am being acknowledged as a ‘master adviser’ for Illinois at the national convention. This is for the unique opportunities that I have provided for our chapter, serving as an adviser for a state officer and hosting a Japanese Exchange student,” says Birch.

Mrs. Birch has continuously made competition an enjoyable time for students. With her help and supportive ideas, she has encouraged and helped multiple FCCLA members take home gold medals. Not only is she a well-recognized FCCLA adviser, but she is also a host mother to Kaho Miahara, a Japanese exchange student who attended Alton High through the FHJ, Future Homemakers of Japan program.

“I am looking forward to seeing how well my students do, of course! I spend a lot of time working with each project and hope for the best outcomes. What I am dreading is saying goodbye to Kaho. I am very attached and will miss her greatly,” says Birch.

Through preparation and lots of fundraising, FCCLA is planning to bring back all gold from national convention this summer.

“I’m hoping that when I compete I receive a silver or gold medal,” says Bean.

This is the hope for all the students as well.


For more information on the national convention and all that goes into competing, visit

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