Senioritis Cripples End of the Year Effort

Anna Hurst, Reporter

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Most students who attend Alton High have experienced senioritis. According to, symptoms of senioritis can include low motivation and a tendency to shrug off responsibilities like going to class, doing homework and studying for tests.

The cause of this can be many different things such as the finish-line mindset, boredom, fear of the unknown, sadness or denial, anticipation and convenience. “It hit me freshman year, and I didn’t become motivated until the last few weeks of school because at this point graduating is a question,” says Julia Graves, senior.

Senioritis can be something that has consequences in the end. Many college-bound students tend to see themselves lacking in motivation. “I had senioritis because I was unmotivated to write worthless papers and do boring lessons. I graduated early in December due to being ready to start my next chapter and finally be done with high school,” says Myah Gebelein, senior.

Most colleges and universities won’t stop caring about grades just because a person has gotten an acceptance letter. Those who think they deserve a blow off year may schedule fewer and less challenging classes.

According to, colleges may require a minimum 3.0 GPA in the last semester of high school. Without this grade point average, a person could potentially be rescinded from that certain college.

“Going to school seven hours, five days a week gets old quick. The amount of busy work high school teachers give out is ridiculous,” says Gebelein. It is hard to pinpoint the real cause of senioritis because of the multiple reasons why people actually get it.

Many students will set goals for themselves just to get through their senior year. According to, some of these goals include keeping a daily or weekly checklist, remembering graduation is footsteps away and crushing senioritis before it starts.

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