Billie Eilish’s new album

Jessica Markel, Reporter

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Billie Eilish’s studio debut album When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? was released on March 29th, 2019. Her brother Finneas helped her produce this album along with her last album Ocean Eyes and he is featured in two of the songs which are: When the Party’s Over and My Strange Addiction. Within the time that the album was released and now it is ranked number one on Billboard 200 and listening to this album clearly shows why. I really enjoyed listening to this album. It was really fun and I’ve listened to songs from it just about everyday. Some of my personal favorites are Bury a Friend, When the Party’s over and I Love You.

Throughout this album Eilish proves that not all female singers need to have high and loud vocals to make it big within the industry. Throughout the majority of her songs she is singing either very softly or what would be considered deep for a female artist. Another thing that stood out with this album is that she had a good mixture of sounds for the songs. For example I Love You is a slow, acoustic song that is very simple compared to others in the album. Another example is You Should See Me In A Crown. This song starts out very ghostly sounding and then a fast beat comes in and gets louder then softer throughout the entire song. The song ends in the ghostly sounding voice again.

Overall I really enjoyed this entire album because the mixture she put in the album and how every song has its own different signature sound. I definitely recommend this album because I enjoyed it. I think almost every song can fit any mood that you’re in.

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