Life of a Goalie

Victoria Skelton, Reporter

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“Being a goalie means you are a leader,” says junior Matilda Darr. Darr is a varsity and junior varsity goalie at AHS. For over twelve years, ever since she was four, her love for soccer took off.

To most people being the goalie doesn’t seem that exciting, but it requires a lot of  responsibility. “You see things that some of the field players don’t see,” Darr continues. “It takes a huge mental strain and concentration to do the job.”

But in surprise, not a lot of players want to be the goalie, “Nobody really likes the position because they are afraid of the ball; I wanted to step up,” Darr explains.

Some people see soccer as just a simple sport, but Darr disagrees “It’s a hard sport you have to give 100% for the whole game,” Darr continues. “It takes up a lot of time to perfect your skill.”

Soccer seems to be a highly serious game, there are a lot of qualities about it. “It brings people together as a team and win,” Darr says,  that playing soccer is a great way for students to get into college.

Darr puts a lot of concentration into soccer, but that’s not all she does, Darr used to do cross fit. “Cross fit gave me the strength and conditioning I need to play soccer,”.

Not all of Darr’s hobbies include soccer; she has taken pottery classes as a way to relax, and enjoys art and reading.

Matilda Darr, junior varsity and varsity at AHS, both hard at the game and at life.

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