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Senior Portrait Guidelines

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Alton High School: THE TATLER

4200 Humbert Road, Alton, IL 62002

TAKE     A             COPY     OF           THIS       LETTER TO          YOUR     PHOTOGRAPHER              


  • Thornton Photography                                                                                                                      (618)-466-3434               
  • Gravemann Photography                                                      (618)-254-3337              
  • Missy Struif     Photography                      (618)-580-4472              
  • Megan Fairless                Photography:     Megyme               Productions                        (618)-795-1887              


IF            YOU       CHOSE   A             PHOTOGRAPHER              OTHER  THAN    THE        RECOMMENDED               PHOTOGRAPHERS           FROM    ABOVE, THEY     MUST    BE          A             PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER.              


FRIDAY,                NOVEMBER        2,            2018    

*Failure                to            meet      this        deadline              means   that        your       picture may       not         be included              in            the         yearbook            

SUBMISSION      GUIDELINES:                      MAKE    SURE      TO          FULLY    READ     SPECIFICATION   BECAUSE              MANY OF           THE        GUIDELINES        HAVE     CHANGED             FROM    PREVIOUS             YEARS.

-We        accept   only       digital   files        on           a              CD           or            flash      drive.                    Photographers                Please   Compile                all           of            your       files        on           one         CD           or            flash      drive.     Drop                off           CD           or            flash      drive      at            the         front      desk       with       a              contact number or                e-mail    address so            we          can         confirm that        we          received               photographs.     

WE         WILL     NOT       ACCEPT                E-MAILED            FILES     (This      is             different              from      previous               years)  

-File        Name:   Last        Name_First           Name     (Ex.         Palmer_Jenna)

-File        Resolution:         300         DPI         (minimum)

-File        Format:                jpeg         or            jpg           (You       may        NOT       submit   other      file          formats)

-Photo   Orientation:       Vertical  Photos   Only

-Crop      Size:       2.5”        width    x              2.9”        height                 


We          will         NOT       accept   photos  that        do           not         meet      these     guidelines:         

-Headshots          only       (See       example).            No           full         body      shots    

-Senior   must       be            centered                in            the          photo     facing     the          camera,  both       eyes       visible.

-No          props     (hats/hoods,        crowns, sports    equipment,           sunglasses,           flags,      musical equipment,           cars, animals, or            other      people.)

-Attire     must       be            consistent             with        school    dress      code,      meaning                no           spaghetti               straps or            strapless               tops,       no           uniforms               (military/sports)

-No          cleavage,               midriff,  or            inappropriate       gestures

-No          logos      on           clothing or            background/No   watermarks          from       photographer

-No          Black      and         White     photographs         or            any         special   filters

NOTE:    If             we           do           not          receive   a              senior    photo     that         follows  these      requirements       by the          listed      deadline,               or            a              photo     at             all,          your       student  ID            photo     will         be used.                      Senior    Photographs         must       be            appropriate           for           publication           and         of quality   for           the          yearbook               to            provide  consistency          and         professionalism  to            the senior    section.

IT            IS            YOUR    RESPONSIBILITY             TO          MAKE    SURE     YOUR    PHOTO  MEETS  THE REQUIREMENTS               AND       DEADLINE….PLEASE       MAKE    SURE     YOUR    PHOTOGRAPHER              CAN COMPLY               WITH    THESE   GUIDELINES       AND       TIME     LINE      PROVIDED.        

*THE      PORTRAIT          SECTION              AND       THE        YEARBOOK         IS            A             HISTORICAL       DOCUMENT FOR        THE       

SCHOOL                AND       COMMUNITY.     AS           SUCH,                    ADHERENCE       TO          ESTABLISHED   STANDARDS IS            EXPECTED,          WE         WILL     DENY     PHOTOGRAPHS THAT     DO          NOT       FOLLOW               THE ABOVE  GUIDELINES       AND       DEADLINES.      

****NOTE             we          will         NOT       be           accepting             photographs      attached              to            e-mails this year,      so            do           not         e-mail   photographs.     All          photographs      must      be           submitted either    on           a              flash      drive     or            CD.


WE          WILL      POST      A             LIST        AND       PHOTO  DISPLAY                UP           IN            SCHOOL (By         Room    A119 and        the         Library)

WITH     ALL         OF           THE        PHOTOS                WE         RECEIVED.                           PLEASE LOOK     AT           THIS       LIST TO          CONFIRM              THAT     WE         RECEIVED            YOUR     SENIOR PHOTOGRAPH     ALONG  WITH     THE        E-MAIL      CONFIRMATION TO          YOUR     PHOTOGRAPHER.


We          are          hoping   to            make      this         year’s     book       very        memorable.          Please    encourage             your student  to            have       his          or            her          photo     taken      to            be            a              part         of            the          great history   of            Alton      High       School!  We          greatly   appreciate             your       help        and         support  for           the 2018-19                 yearbook!             Please    feel         free         to            call         (618)-474-2209   or            email [email protected]               if             you         have       any         questions              or            concerns.



The         Tatler     Staff

Bridget   Heck,      NBCT—Yearbook                Adviser


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