Should Schools Monitor Students Social Media Accounts?

Madeleine Stobbs

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Schools should not monitor their student’s social media accounts for a number of reasons. One, it’s simply an invasion of privacy that every person deserves to a certain extent. Students deserve to have their own life and be able to live it how they want outside of school. With that being said, along with life comes rules, and of course if those aren’t respected and there are reports of bullying, drug/alcohol abuse, etc there will be actions taken to shut it down. However, if there were to be a school administrator constantly stalking the students social media accounts many more small, unofficial or unwritten rules would be put into place.


Everyone has their own opinion and the freedom to express it. With an administrator monitoring the student’s social media account, the students become very restricted. Now students no longer have the freedom to express their opinion or how they feel about a certain teacher or class. I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do, but everyone has the right to be able to express how they feel which would then be taken away by the fear of getting in trouble because they know a school staff member will be stalking their account. Getting in trouble isn’t the only reason for the unwritten rule though, students would also fear for their reputations. It’s no secret that teachers pick favorites, as it is also no secret that students can be perceived as a totally different person inside the classroom than they are outside of the classroom. So, students would lose the freedom to feel like they can truly be who they are and express themselves outside of the classroom in concern to the teachers judging them and treating them differently.


Although constantly stalking a student’s social media account is wrong, I believe a certain level of school intervention is necessary, but only in certain situations. For instance, if their was a bullying report I think it’s acceptable for the school to take action. Also, especially if the student participates in sports, if there is a report of a picture of a student with alcohol or drugs. In situations like that certain steps should be taken by the school to handle the situation. To sum it up, nobody wants a stalker, but if you do something to violate school’s rules or the law and it is reported, that’s that and there will be consequences.  
*Editors Note…AHS does not currently monitor student’s social media accounts.

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Should Schools Monitor Students Social Media Accounts?